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New Takes on your Classic Apple Pie

February 7, 2017

New Years are meant for trying new things, and we are sticking to our resolution to be more adventurous here at Granny’s. Being more adventurous, however, does not necessarily mean you have to seek out completely new experiences, but rather find new joys and experiences in old things. We cannot think of this applying to anything better than our favorite thing in the world – pie! Here are some new takes on our classic apple pie that will open your eyes to a whole new world of “pies”abilities!

Pie for breakfast is sort of our thing (shhh don’t tell mom!), so we recommend starting your day with a scoop of vanilla greek yogurt on top of a slice of apple pie with a sprinkle of granola topping. This is a quick and tasty alternative to your classic apple parfait. The protein in the yogurt and the fruit serving in the pie will give you the proper fuel to start your day.

Like clockwork, our stomach’s start rumbling at noon sharp every day for a lunchtime feeding. Indulge your appetite with a slice of warm apple pie with melted cheddar or brie on top. The sweet taste of apples contrasts beautifully with the savory melted cheese. If you love crunch, consider sprinkling some walnuts or pecans on top too.

Happy Hour:
After a long work day, you deserve to unwind with a beverage and a tasty treat. Try apple pie with Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale. This fruity beer has a magnificent apricot aroma, without being overly sweet. It’s delicious with apple pie, bringing out the highlight in the fruit filling.

The warmth, tastiness and togetherness that is associated with apple pie make it a perfect dish to gather around the dinner table. Every once in awhile you’re allowed to break the norm and have dessert before dinner (or even for dinner). Going against the grain sometimes is necessary for your own sanity.

For a casual, comforting dessert, try warm apple pie, smash it up in a mug or a bowl, and add a mixture of melty vanilla ice cream, raisins and nuts.  Stir all together and enjoy this perfect nightcap treat. If you want to spice it up a bit, try it with homemade Brown Sugar-Bourbon ice cream. Dessert so good it will warm your soul!