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About Us

the grannys family

our philosophy

We started Granny’s Pie Factory because we knew that traditions could be centered around a family table and special food; and because we wanted our pies to start new family traditions while still honoring the old. We pride ourselves on crafting each of our pies with care and baking them until they reach perfection because at our table, family is always welcome, but the food has to earn its place.


pie on table

Our History

Granny’s Pie Factory was founded in 2006 by Joan and Anton Harovas. While Joan was a newcomer to the bakery business, Anton had over 30 years of experience in restaurants, bakery and ice cream manufacturing, over 20 of which were spent focused entirely on pies. In 2008 their son Niko joined the business bringing with him his passion for quality, and a desire to uphold and expand on the values on which his parents built their business.

Our Future

We continue to grow and expand our horizons while upholding our passion for honesty, quality and commitment to making an excellent product. We will continue to provide people with a reason to come together and enjoy their lives, each other and their family. Let our pies become a part of your family traditions.