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pie scooping cherry filling

Meet the Family Behind the Pies

October 20, 2016


Meet the Harovas: Joan and Anton. A friendly Connecticut-grown-pie-loving couple, who also happen to be my parents. They started Granny’s Pie Factory because they wanted to share with the world their love for not only each other, but for pie. Ask my mom and she’ll tell you: “No good story ever starts without pie!”.

For us, pie is a celebration of family – uniquely and deliciously packaged in a flaky crust. Celebrations of holidays, birthdays, and family gatherings are traditionally surrounded by loved ones and food. For us, that food always includes pie.

Pie has been the center of my family’s life for as long as I can remember and for over 20 years, pie making has been, and continues to be, the driving force behind our success. My parents started Granny’s Pie Factory in 2006 with the promise of quality and integrity you can taste. When I joined the business in 2008, I wanted to bring forward the philosophy of quality that Granny’s holds so high, and also inject my own style of creativity and passion into the business.

For our family, and everyone that works here (we like to think of them as extended family), pie is a way of life. That’s why we live the #pielife. What is Pie Life, you ask? It is our vision to encourage and spread love, using our pies as the vehicles. We want everyone to enjoy those special moments over pie with a friend, enjoy family traditions during the holidays, or create new traditions to be enjoyed for generations. Join us on our journey as we share our Pie Life with the world.

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