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Giving the Gift of Pie

December 15, 2016

Holiday season is upon us and we can’t keep the excitement to ourselves! This season is definitely all about the spirit of giving, and we like to gift pie life to our loved ones. Sometimes, a homemade gift is just a hint more special than anything storebought. Whether it is a freshly baked pie, or one of our beautifully crafted gift baskets, we think the gift of pie life is what makes the holiday season so exceptional.

Giving a freshly baked pie is easy, just stop by our East Hartford bakery or one of our retail partners and put a bow on it! Giving a gift basket takes a little more work, but we’re here to help you craft it together. Here are the ingredients to a perfect gift basket to present your loved ones with pie life:

  • Basket of your choice (you can find a basket at one of our retail locations or at your local homegoods store)
  • Gift basket filler – we prefer crinkle paper which you can purchase from a local craft store.
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • 2 – 3 dish towels (we prefer Granny’s red and white!)
  • Pie server
  • Pie baking dish
  • Non-perishable pie ingredients: flour, sugar, baking soda
  • Granny’s Pie Factory gift card


delicious pie on fork


First, you want to fill the basket ¾ of the way with your filler paper. Then, start by unfolding the 1-2 of the dish towels and placing the dish towels on top of the filler paper. Roll up the 3rd dish towel and place to the side. Next, take the pie server, baking dish, and pie ingredients. Place them on top of the dish towels along with the rolled up dish towel. Take the cellophane and wrap the basket from bottom to top (leave at least 6 in extra cellophane on top for the ribbon!). Wrap the ribbon in a nice bow to secure the basket and tie the gift card to the the ribbon.

There you have it, a DIY pie life gift basket just in time for the holiday season. That was easy as pie (no pun intended)! Don’t forget to give the gift of pie this holiday season and stop by Granny’s Pie Factory to pick up a freshly baked pie to share with your loved ones!