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The 6 Best Pie & Cocktail Pairings

February 7, 2017

2017 has started off strong here at Granny’s Pie Factory and our pies are more delicious than ever! The only thing better than a sweet slice of pie is a delicious beverage to enjoy with it. Here are some of our favorite pairings that we think will give you a whole new appreciation for our delicious pies. Cheers!

Grannys Pies

Raspberry Pie and Champagne:
Champagne, a classic celebratory drink, is the perfect drink to be enjoyed with our sweet and tart Raspberry pie. Pop, fizz, and clink your glass of bubbly with a slice of our fresh, raspberry heavenliness.

Apple Cranberry Pie and Cider:
A well crafted apple pie is equal parts science and equal parts art, which is why we love pairing it with a hard apple cider. The fruity highlights of cider help amplify the pie’s delicious star ingredient – apples.

Cherry Pie and Red Wine:
The dark cherry dry notes of a medium bodied red wine beg to be enjoyed with our classic sweet Cherry pie or our chocolatey Black Forest pie. A general rule of thumb is, as the colors of the pie get darker, so should the wine.

Margarita – Lemon Meringue:
It may be cold outside, but that does not mean you still cannot enjoy a light and fruity fiesta in your mouth. The zesty notes of our Lemon Meringue pie work well with a classic margaritas tangy lemon and lime flavors.

Pecan Pie and a Coffee Brown Ale:
Believe it or not, pie is actually great with beer! Rich pecan pie is best paired with a beer that’s equally as complex with a dry finish to balance the strong sweetness of the pie. Alaskan’s Heritage Coffee Brown Ale is the perfect pecan pie pair offering big cocoa, hazelnut, and roasty flavors that artfully highlight the sweet caramel taste of pecan pie.

Chocolate Cream Pie and Irish Coffee:
Pie for breakfast is truly the most important pie of the day! In our minds, it’s almost as if coffee was invented for the sole purpose of being paired with our deliciously decadant chocolate cream pie. If you are eating our Chocolate Cream Pie later in the day, enjoy it with an Irish Coffee to give you some extra warm and fuzzies!