Granny’s Pie Factory provides wholesale customers with the option of purchasing our pies in various states of preparedness.  All cream pie flavors are available in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch, all fruit pies are available in 10 inch exclusively. 


Component System

The component system consists of any combination of unbaked shells, filling in two gallon buckets and/or rolled top dough.  With the component system the customer can assemble and/or bake both fruit and cream pies at his or her facility creating their own pie shop without the need for specialized heavy equipment.  This option is the most affordable in terms of product costs as well as waste, in that the customer can make pies as necessary to suit their specific needs. 

In addition any of the products in the component system can be used in a customer’s existing recipes, such as quiches and pot pies. 


Frozen Deposits

With the frozen deposit component system, customers can purchase frozen, already filled shells, which they can then top themselves.  This provides the customer savings in labor as the baking and filling of shells are done by Granny's, yet still allows for savings on product cost.   Frozen deposits are only available in cream pie flavors.


Frozen, Unbaked

Granny’s can also provide customers with frozen, unbaked fruit pies which they can then bake on premises.  This affords benefits similar to the component system as the customer can bake many pies are necessary to fit their needs, with the added advantage of the aroma of fresh baked pies as a marketing tool


Finished Pies

Granny’s Pie Factory also provides 53 varieties of fruit and cream pies, fully finished and either fresh or frozen.  Pies can be ordered individually or in cases of four.



Granny’s main commitment is to quality in both taste and appearance, and all of our pies are made with this in mind.  All pies are hand creamed for a superior aesthetic and all of our recipes are intended to taste homemade. 


If you are interested in doing business, please contact us to discuss pricing and your specific needs.  Samples are available.


All of our pies are certified HKC Kosher.



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